About Us

Who Am I?


My love for quirky, funny, novelty Ts was always something in the back of my mind. After starting my blog I decided it was time! What better time right? Read more about me here.  
My goal, is to offer moms, young and seasoned, comfortable and affordable graphic tees! 

Being a mom is tough, and we’re often faced with the pressures of looking a certain way, getting back to our pre-pregnancy shape, etc. My job is to provide you with something that will not only put a smile on your face, but make you feel comfortable and confident going on. I love wearing a pair of leggings or jeans with a great graphic tee or sweater. I’m not a heels and well put together gal. 

But when I do go out, I still get loads of compliments on what I wear, and I want the same for you.
Not only do I offer professionally printed t-shirts, but I now offer children’s apparel as my shop continues to expand. With so much continued support I’ll be able to offer more products and options and I can’t wait for you to go on this journey with me.